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Purported POC Allies

When a POC publicly names an act of racist oppression and abuse and calls it out for what it is, that is not causing a “ruckus.”

When a POC publicly names the perpretrators of said racist oppression and abuse, that is not “smearing.”

It is blatantly and bravely standing up and calling out the acts of racism for what they are.

Attempting to censor a POC who has been victimized by acts of racism from naming the racism and naming the racist perpretrator, is a kin to censoring the child who has been victimized by child abuse, or the partner who has been victimized by domestic violence from naming the acts of abuse and oppression and naming the perpretrator.

"How can you say that?! What about his/her reputation?!"

You stood in silence, frozen, scared watching acts of racist oppression unfold right before your eyes.

But now as that POC reclaims his or her power, and names the acts of racism for what they are, you are assertive and livid and outspoken to protect the name and reputation and dignity of the perpretrator.

You are not an ally, you are an interferer.

You dragged your feet in nonresponse, inaction, and avoidance.

But now, as the victim fights back and stands up to defend his or her rights, you mobilize to defend the perpretrator.

You are not an ally, you are an upholder of the status quo.

Racism is not an obtuse concept that can be intellectualized, theorized, analyzed, and pondered away in study groups and workshops and intensives. It is a reality that some people are bombarded with everyday. If racism and its traumatizing effects are opaque and abstract to you, you are not an ally.


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